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The Power of Customer Advocacy

Customer stories can be the most impactful and valuable content you can create for your brand. Using the voice of your customer to demonstrate your value speaks volumes to potential prospects who may be evaluating their options when it comes to new suppliers and providers.

So why not let your current customers tell your story for you, endorsing your credibility and providing proof of your success? For your prospects this will mean a big step forward along their buyer journey.

Our Customer Success solution provides you with everything you need to tell a powerful, engaging customer story.


Are you ready to accelerate your buyer journey and build brand credibility?

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Trust us with your Customer Success

We know how important your customers are and how much energy you’ve devoted to building strong relationships. We work in partnership with you to ensure we deliver a professional, positive experience, creating inspiring brand stories that both you and your customers are proud to tell.

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Shaping the story

Our skilled interviewers shape the story from your perspective. We create an interview outline for your customer which helps guide and capture their unique feedback.

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Creating your content

With customer quotes, unique insights and results driven stats - we’ll produce an impactful story to showcase your success; and the impact felt by your customers.

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Translating to success

We’ll seamlessly translate that story into a variety of Customer Success assets to support your story. Ready for your marketing team to build positive engagements.



Discover how our Customer Success programme has transformed lead generation for Global Voiceover IP provider, 8x8.

“You guys get a really good feel for the account, the services, and what we're wanting to get out of that story. You're able to lead that conversation really, really well and have a great team, great people and great end-product and delivery.”

Dean Lindsay, Customer Advocate at 8x8