Customer marketing and advocacy

98% of executives say customer marketing is either very important or important to the overall success of their organisation.

And with customers at least 5x more likely to buy from you than prospects, there’s excellent reason to give them special treatment.

Our customer-focused programmes help you build and strengthen customer relationships, helping your customers realise the potential of your solutions and become advocates for your business.

We help you to achieve your customer goals - engage, support and grow.

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Optimise at every
lifecycle stage

From a warm personalised welcome, to delivering a coherent connected experience at every stage, a well-designed customer lifecycle programme is the key to building lasting customer relationships.

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Land and expand –
strategies for growth

As solutions evolve, your messaging and content can fall out of step, resulting in missed opportunities, or worse still, confusion amongst your customers. We entice customers to take a fresh look at the breadth of your solution and the potential that awaits.

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customer success

The voice of your customer speaks volumes to potential prospects and is a powerful sales enablement tool. We create interesting stories that tease out the true value of your solutions.

Our work

We help our clients educate and engage customers throughout their lifecycle to optimise their experience, drive utilisation and create powerful advocates. Here are some of the challenges we solve.

Welcoming customers onboard

Providing customers with a fantastic onboarding experience is essential to building successful long-term relationships. Our easy to use, interactive welcome packs guide customers through implementation, highlighting key solution benefits and ensuring a positive experience.

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Sharing customer success

With the goal of building credibility and showcasing successful projects; we created a strong portfolio of EMEA customer reference stories in a variety of formats that could be shared with prospects around the world.

Think You Know, Think Again!

Our Think You Know campaign, delivered direct and through the partner channel, was designed to challenge customer perception.

We created a programme to help customers maximise the value of their existing investment and raise awareness of how a wider solution set could address key pain points.

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