Activating your channel

It used to be the case that 20% of channel partners delivered 20% of the revenue.

That’s no longer true.

These days 90/10 or even 95/5 is more likely. And that’s a big problem for channel marketers.

What if you could energise the top tier to be even more effective? And activate another 5 or 10%?

Using our proven channel tools and programmes, you can qualify and engage the right channel partners, and empower those partners with the best tools to drive and accelerate lead generation.


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Value proposition and messaging that hits the mark

Every great channel or alliance programme starts with a great message. And (hint) it’s not just about you. Understanding complex joint value propositions and translating those into creative concepts, messaging and content. We’re on it!

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Drive ecosystem awareness, cross-sell and up-sell

Getting the right partners on board is the first step in creating a successful channel. And then? Do they have the right skills set? Do they understand the wider offering? Are they equipped to cross-sell and up-sell? Our powerful To Partner programmes help qualify your partner capabilities and identify gaps and opportunities. A win-win for you and your channel.

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Automate Through Partner programmes

Instantly skill up channel sellers with a co-branded digital assessment, creating and routing highly qualified leads right to their inbox. With Marketing Fusion’s SMART Benchmark toolkit, powered by Capametrix – channel teams are instantly equipped with the best possible tools to drive and accelerate opportunities. And the best part? Create once, scale to many partners. One price.

Our work

We’re helping our clients educate and engage customers throughout their lifecycle to increase sales and create powerful advocates.

Equipping the channel through 'Benchmarketing'

Activating channel partners with the right sales enablement tools can have a huge impact. Throw in a distinctive high value offer to uncover prospect and customer needs and you’re onto a winner. SMART Benchmark, an effective ‘through partner marketing’ assessment toolkit, is providing resellers with insight into prospect pain points and accelerating pipeline for a number of top tier technology vendors.

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Customisable channel campaigns that deliver results

Campaign success can hang in the balance if the assets you create aren’t used to their full potential. Marketing Fusion enables our channel clients with editable campaign assets they can cobrand, as well as outreach material and on brand messaging they can utilise in their own lead generation efforts.

Work Smarter Campaign

For this well known printer services provider, a typical channel campaign had previously focused on product features and benefits. But in a competitive office printer marketplace, the channel demanded more. Marketing Fusion's ‘Work Smarter’ campaign took a different, storytelling approach. The campaign was successfully built out into a multi-channel campaign kit, localised and used by channel partners globally to drive demand for their solutions.

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