Creating demand

The pressure is on for B2B marketers.

It’s harder than ever to cut through the noise of a crowded market, build engagement and drive demand.

It starts with understanding the buyer. And creating killer content that addresses their needs, their questions, their goals.

Combine that with excellent execution, signposting each stage in the buyer journey and making it easy to follow the path. After all, filling the top of the funnel is only part of the story.

Our expertise lies in mapping the end to end buyer journey for your audience, creating high impact content that resonates at every stage of the lifecycle – from awareness to conversion.

Put simply, we are experts at creating highly personalised campaigns that are impossible to ignore.

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We specialise in driving demand through highly targeted ‘ABM Lite’ style campaigns – combining clear strategy and inspiring creativity with messaging that speaks to the heart of your target audience.

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Strategic, end-to-end buyer journeys

Our customers lean on us to design customised campaigns for their top tier target accounts. They value our skills in creating authority, delivering innovative direction and creating seamless multi-phased campaigns that deliver results, every time.

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SMART Benchmark assessment

Provide your prospects with a reason to engage. Our SMART Benchmark assessment tool is fully customisable to your requirements, providing both you and your customer with immediate, valuable insight. Helping your teams to build better relationships, and crack open multiple opportunities.

Our work

We’re supporting our clients to engage, educate and activate their market through high impact, strategic, end-to-end campaigns at every level.

Driving personalised buyer experiences

As part of a global campaign, a leading analytics vendor needed to create and accelerate opportunities for its offering, aimed at helping businesses activate their AI and analytical models. Marketing Fusion rolled out an interactive assessment, based on their SMART Benchmark Toolkit, that enables potential prospects to complete a benchmarking assessment and receive a personalised report and recommendations – creating a deep and personalised buyer experience.

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Creating cybersecurity campaign cut through

Standing out in the cybersecurity marketplace is a huge challenge. Combining clear compelling messaging and offers, Marketing Fusion enabled a leading cybersecurity vendor to build strong pipeline and open up a new mid-tier market in the ransomware space. The campaign combined on-line and off-line strategies, using digital and direct marketing to drive prospects to a personalised landing page, with triggers to ensure effective and timely sales follow up to increase conversion.

Three phases of vertical industry campaign success

Deep industry expertise, combined with a thought-leadership approach and customer-led insight formed the basis of a strong performing campaign into the financial sector for a global marketing technology provider. Breaking the campaign to three phases – Preparing the Roadmap, Accelerating the Journey and Reaching your Digital Peak – enabled Marketing Fusion to build key messages and digital touchpoints to guide and support prospects at every stage of their digital journey.

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