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Buyer journeys are getting longer and more complex. Sellers can accelerate this process by providing content to support key buying tasks. 

Customers who encounter enabling content are 3x more likely to make a high-quality purchase - that is a solution more ambitious than they had planned, at a premium price.

Our solution - based around a powerful, customised online assessment drives this behaviour.

Table of contents

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Accelerate buyer decisions

Online assessments switch the focus from seller to buyer – helping them to identify their own strengths and weaknesses.

Building an engagement based around buyer needs enables more meaningful conversations and provides greater insight for both buyers and sellers. By focusing on buyer capabilities and needs, we cut through complexity and accelerate buyer decision making.

Optimise marketing budgets

Now more than ever, marketers need to drive effective use of marketing budget. And for channel teams MDF spend is imperative. 

Coupled with that is the need to enable deeper engagement between direct and channel sellers and prospective buyers.

Enable your partner teams to boost their partner relationships and improve results from MDF spend. Enable teams with the tools they need to:

  • Gain greater insight for buyer and seller
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Deliver more qualified opportunities

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Automate personalised content

Our proven solution fulfils a need for marketers and sellers to offer truly personalised content aligned to buyer needs.

  • Deliver unique personalised reports and recommendations
  • Generate consensus among buying teams
  • Inform sales strategy

Quick and easy setup

Marketing Fusion has partnered with leading assessment platform provider, Capametrix to offer a unique solution for building customised on-line assessments.

  • Designed and optimised to accelerate pipeline
  • Incredibly fast and easy to set up
  • Co-branded to vendors and channel partners
  • Trackable and measurable results
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Try it for yourself

Try our own unique on-line assessment tool.  
Simply click the link to test the user experience for yourself, then request your own personalised report.

We can build a customised branded assessment for your solution - including best practice advice, setup and development, hosting and support.